Ride Star

ride tracker and movie maker for cycling

When you ride, record and share it with Ride Star. Ride Star records your ride and allows you to make a movie of of it using satellite imagery. It will also give you the option to merge photos that you have taken into the movie at the locations that you took them. Your movie can then be Trimmed and compressed by Ride Star and shared through Text message, Email or sent to Photos app where it can be shared on Instagram. Important stats are saved with each ride. Your rides are saved on your phone so there's no need to register. Its fast easy and a lot of fun!. So Next time you ride, record it with Ride Star.


The recommended usage of Ride Star tracking should always start with a freshly charged battery. Ride Star on average uses about 10% battery per hour of use to power the GPS radio. This will vary widely depending on Phone model and condition. Ride Star will turn off its GPS radio after approximately 13 minutes of inactivity or when you stop a ride. Refer to the "how to track a ride" section for the details regarding tracking.

Make A Movie

After your Ride , it is advisable to Connect your phone to power and have WiFi access when making a movie. on average to make a movie of a one hour ride may take 15 minutes and Ride Star needs to be the foreground app during this time. Refer to "How To Make A Movie" section" for more details regarding movie making.

Share A Movie

Once your movie has been made it will show up in the "View Movie" and "Share Movie" sections. Viewing is simple, just touch the movie icon and it will play, while playing you can view the movie on your TV if it supports airplay. To Share a move your simply select it in the "Share Movie" section then follow the steps outlined in "How to share a movie". Please remember, you need to have Email or Text enabled to text or Email. To Send to photos, "Photos" should be enabled in your "Settings" under "Ride Star".

Ride Star Lite vs. Ride Star

Ride Star Lite functions the same as Ride Star except View Movie is disabled and Sharing only supports Email medium quality. The movie that is shown immediately after making your movie will be high quality but the shared movie is medium quality. Ride Star Lite is completely usable with these two exceptions and is distributed mainly as a "try before you buy" product.